At TB Goods, we try our hardest to maintain unbeatable prices on the latest gadgets in the market. From digital cameras to 52" HD TV's and everything in between. Below are some of the items that we sell and can also view on our Ebay store in the Electronics category. For an up close and personal view, visit a TB Goods location near you. Don't forget about our convenient Layaway plans!...for more information on how layaway works, visit our Layaway page.

Ready for that upgrade to a faster computer? Need more horsepower to keep up with the games that everyone else is playing? Don't pay those high prices at the big box stores when you can get a better deal on pre-owned laptop or desktop at TB Goods! Whether you're a PC or a Mac, check in at either of our stores, or shop at home with convenience at our eBay store!

Music Players
TB Goods carries a variety of MP3/MP4, etc. players for all the different types of users out there. We carry brands that vary from
Apple to Sony and Zune. Some of our MP3 players also have built in cameras and can record short videos which are perfect for sharing with friends. Other MP3 players are perfect for kids and come in great colors and are attached to even better prices.

We carry digital and 35mm cameras and lenses at great discount prices. Some of the brands for the products that we carry are
Sony, Canon, Nikon, Philips, Kodak and more. Don't forget the accessories when making your purchase! We have batteries, SD cards, and cables in stock always. Also, if you're looking for an obscure accessory, we might have it, just stop by one of our locations and help us find exactly what you're looking for.

Advancements in technology have allowed us to have a variety of choices in how to record our favorite moments or the next great movie idea. At TB Goods, you can find an interesting, old relic or something with a built in hard drive which you can record video and download directly to your computer. Keep in mind that for some items, we have only one of it's kind so if you like it, you should get it before someone else does.

Why spend hundreds of dollars buying something new when you can save money buying a pre-owned item from TB Goods? With all the advancements in technology today, there will always be something better coming out right after you have invested in a form of long term entertainment, such as a TV. As long as your item is within our purchase policies, we can help buy your item so you can make a purchase towards something else that better suits your needs. Whether you're getting a TV for the kids room, bedroom, living room or kitchen, we have them in all sizes and styles.

Cell Phones
Cell phones are another item that is constantly evolving in the world of technology. We have gone from a car phone to internet surfing smart phones. No, we don't carry car phones...who has one of those? We do have smart phones and other types of cell phones for different levels of usage and from all the popular carriers. With our great prices, you're going to want to get more as gifts! Shop for your next phone and save at TB Goods.