Secondhand Jewelry

If you are in the market for fine jewelry and want to get the highest quality for your dollar, it is paramount that you begin to educate yourself. You can begin by visiting the Education section of our website for an overview of diamonds, Rolex watches, and precious metals.

Traditional retail jewelry establishments like to advertise huge savings of 50-70%. This sounds wonderful and is very appealing to the eye, but buyer beware. They often offer these discounts based on a Triple Key mark-up (i.e. 300% mark-up on average). Why would they do that, you might ask? Overhead. It takes great sums of money to lease prime retail locations in malls and shopping centers. Also, the cost of getting their jewelry, usually through distributors, increases the overhead and subsequently increases the cost. Sometimes, there are also sometimes distributor-set prices for items that retail jewelry stores sell that cannot be discounted below that minimum. So, again, those discounts that retail jewelers may be advertising are based on already-inflated prices.

Secondhand jewelry establishments on the other hand, like our and our pawn shops in Alachua and Gainville, FL are not bound by the same pricing restrictions due to their diverse selection of goods and financial services they provide. In addition, pawn shops obtain the majority of their secondhand jewelry inventory for much less than their retail counter parts. As a result, they can offer unbeatable bargains on gold, silver, platinum, Rolex watches, diamonds, and fine secondhand jewelry, most of the time even selling gold and silver purely by their weight.

When comparing prices from dealer to dealer it's important to compare apples to apples as illustrated by the following example:

If a jewelry dealer is selling a 10K Figaro chain that is 20" in length and weighs 30 grams for $1,800.00, then the price per/gram of gold weight equals $60.00 per/gram (price / weight = price per/gram). If another dealer, such as our Gainesville pawn shop, is selling a similar 10K Figaro that is also 20" in length and weighs 30 grams for $975.00 then the price per/gram of gold weight equals $32.50 per/gram. An educated consumer would purchase the chain priced at $32.50 per/gram and save over $800.00. The question is, what type of consumer are you?

The next illustration is a real life example of the savings that may be captured by an educated consumer who is looking for huge savings on diamond jewelry from TB Goods.

Here is a real life example of Kay Jewelers &'s price vs. TB Goods (priced at Sept 2012):



Kay Jewelers

TB Goods


14K White Gold

14K White Gold

14K White Gold


.50 CTW

.50 CTW

.90* CTW


















  • Kay Jeweler stock #150884409 
  • stock #10303347 
  • TB Goods stock #9406844892
That's a diamond nearly twice the size for almost half the price! Be an educated shopper and get more for you money at either of our stores, or shop online through our eBay store! 

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